News Letter No 4



ACT AJ2016 update








This message is an update about preparations towards AJ2016, the next Australian Scout Jamboree. 

To be held 3 - 14 January 2016 at Cataract Scout Park on the edge of Sydney, it is now less than 11 months away. With much to do the pace has and will continue to pickup as each day passes. 

What’s most important?

  • The event is for Scouts, and they must be qualified by the time of the Jamboree with their Pioneer level, ten nights camping as a Scout including one event of at least three nights duration, and the approval of their Scout Leader.

    • Well done to the many Scouts who participated in Scouting activities over the holidays, also helping their Jamboree preparations.

    •  Scouts intending to attend the Jamboree should now be in Scouts, to provide time to be qualified. 

  •  The event is also for Leaders, Rovers and Venturers who are 16 years of age, and other adults who may like to assist the running of the event.

  • There have been many visits to Scout troops and other forums, however the Contingent team is happy to let you know more – just ask.

  • About 100 people from the ACT have an application at least commenced in the system, well done. 

  • Time moves along quickly with 2015 now well underway, and applications are due by the end of March 2015.

o    This means an application completed online, printed with appropriate signatures obtained, deposit paid, and application provided to the Branch office.

o    The process for applying and making a deposit is described at , together with other information about the event.

  • The total price for ACT applicants is $1380 for Scouts , and $940 for others (of which $295 is the ACT Contingent fee). The deposit is $495 for Scouts, $320 for all others.

o    There will be some opportunity for financial assistance, noting the amount will depend on the amount available, the number seeking such support, and the individual circumstances. 

o    Note those receiving any assistance should also be contributing to local group fundraising efforts, and expect to make a personal contrition to the cost. In addition, support is generally provided to Scouts, rather than Leaders or adults.

o    A process for seeking financial assistance will soon be advertised.


In summary, it is time to up our preparations, apply soon, and be active Scouts to ensure we are qualified.


If you have any further questions please review the Website, ask a Scout Leader, or ask a Contingent team member which includes myself.


Best wishes.


Yours in Scouting,

Peter Stevenson

ACT Contingent Leader