News Letter 11


Hello again,


It is now less than two weeks to our AJ2016 adventure, and time for some final words before our arrival.


Transport - Departure

  • The Contingent departure is Sunday 3 January, from the AIS car park in Bruce.

  • Please be there by 6.30am, to permit coaches to be boarded before 7am. 

  • On arrival please locate your Jamboree Troop Leader before heading to a coach, or report to the coordinator if you are a service or activity leader.

  • The loading of each coach will be organised by a Jamboree troop Leader, with service and activity leaders gear to be loaded first on to each coach.

  • Please wear you ACT Contingent shirt – the green one.

  • The departure will be a busy place and parents are encouraged to drop and go, with goodbye’s mostly before arriving, please.

  • Please do not enter the portion of the car park containing the coaches.

  • If you are a member of a troop you will also have received information from your Jamboree Troop Leader.


Transport – Return

  • The Contingent return is Thursday 14 January, to the AIS car park in Bruce.

  • The coaches are expected to return at approximately 2pm. The onboard Jamboree Troop Leader will notify you if there is a significant change to the time.

  • When leaving the AIS area for home, please check off with your Jamboree Troop Leader, or the onsite coordinator for service and activity leaders.


Transport – Independent travellers

  • The Contingent is aware of independent travellers through what is registered on the system. We understand things can change over time, for instance for the return journey, so please contact the ACT Contingent Leader if independent travel arrangements change.

  • Apart from those activity and service leaders with particular Jamboree roles requiring early access, and which have been approved, no Contingent member is able to enter the site until all coaches have departed – not just those from the ACT. Independent travellers arriving on 3 January must be met at the main entrance by the ACT Contingent; and the preferred time is 2pm, earlier that day is not possible.

  • Departing independent travellers on 14 January must also wait until all coaches have departed, and will meet at the ACT HQ until noon when they can move to the main entrance for collection. An earlier departure on that day is not possible.


Contact and communication

  • The ACT Contingent has an onsite phone number, 4631 6630. We will be available on that number from 31 December.

  • The email address for the ACT Contingent Leader continues to be

  • The postal address is Name, Troop Number (if relevant), ACT Contingent, AJ2016, Cataract Scout Park, Baden Powell Drive, Cataract, NSW 2560. This address is provided because there is something special about Scouts receiving a letter during the event, especially given letters are now not common.

  • We will regularly update the ACT Contingent website – - and the ACT Contingent AJ2016 Facebook site. Individual ACT Jamboree are also using various communication channels.

  • This email is expected to be the final information from me prior to the Jamboree.

  • From now and including through the Jamboree, for those in Jamboree troops the best initial contact is your Jamboree Troop Leader, however if you have any difficulty please contact me. For those in a service and activity role, please contact your team leader, or myself as necessary.


Up to date information

  • Please ensure your personal details and related information are up to date. Examples include medications and special dietary requirements. For anything with particular requirements a medical action plan from your GP should be provided, to your Jamboree Troop Leader. Other examples are next of kin details, especially if their holiday or other plans may have changed.

  • At times medical advice recommends a ‘medication holiday’ during school holidays. Please keep in mind that a Jamboree is not the time to have such a change in regular medication – if in doubt please consult your GP, explaining the nature of a Jamboree.


Service and Activity Leaders

  • I hope you have now heard from your team leader about your Jamboree role. Often the arrangements can be uncertain until you are onsite. Please contact the ACT Contingent, including during the event, if clarification or assistance is required.

  • For information, unless you have been specifically advised, your campsite number is F971 – Sub camp F, site 9.


Personal preparation and gear

  • Jamboree are exciting, busy, and tiring. As a result it is important to be well rested at the start of event, as well as welfare measures to help people sustain themselves during the event.

  • The little things can matter – attend to a broken braces wire before arrival, cut your toe nails, don’t rely on your oldest pair of shoes (apart from Challenge Valley day), do you need a haircut?, make sure you help with your packing – you need to know what you have and where it is, name everything and add your troop number if relevant, etc.

  • Scout uniform is required for the opening and closing ceremonies. The supplied AJ2016 badge should be sewn on to the top right front (as you wear it) of your uniform shirt.

  • Some Jamboree issue gear was not provided to some people. The shortfall will be provided onsite – this relates to some Jamboree shirts (the blue one), and Jamboree hats.

  • Youth member and leader handbooks will be issued onsite, containing information about activities, where things are, services, etc.

  • ID tags will also be issued onsite.


Induction module

  • a small number of people aged over 18 are still yet to complete the online Cataract Induction module.

  • It must be completed before you are permitted onsite.



  • thank you to those who have completed all payments. It is a significant commitment and we appreciate keeping our budget on track.

  • To the very small number with monies still owing, we need this attended to before your attendance.

  • Pocket money – for youth members this should have been deposited into your Jamboree troop’s account. For any questions please refer to your Jamboree Troop Leader’s instructions. I’d emphasise that having troop banking arrangements supported by the Contingent for pocket money prevents the need for youth members to have significant cash, is convenient and controlled for youth members, and prevents ATM queuing.



  • a reminder that you may visit on SuperSaturday, 9 Janaury. To be able to enter the site you must pre-register through the  website.

  • A good number of people have also signed up to the Visitors day coaches departing and returning to the ACT, for last seats please go to , then select Jamboree from the top row.


Best wishes for your Christmas and New Year, and look forward to seeing you at AJ2016.


Peter Stevenson

ACT Contingent Leader