Newsletter No 9






With the Jamboree now just under two months away, here is some further information and reminders for you. You are receiving this email if you have fully completed an application, it has been appropriately supported, and you have made all payments (or are well on the way to doing so).

- The Jamboree for most participants begins on Sunday 3 January 2016, and runs until Thursday 14 January 2016. Some in specialist roles will have a slightly longer Jamboree experience, and they should know the dates they are required.

- The main ACT Contingent transport arrangements will be by coach to and from the Jamboree. The AIS carpark will be used, with a meeting time of 7am on Sunday 3 January. Return will be to the same location, at approximately 2pm on Thursday 14 January 2016. Further details will be provided in the weeks ahead.

- The PreJamboree camp for all ACT Contingent members is on Friday 13 to Sunday 15 November 2015. For those in Jamboree troops your Jamboree Troop Leader will be providing you with precise details, including meeting times. For those in other roles you have heard from Alan Murray, including in regard to accommodation and catering. Note the camp is at Kangaroo Flat at Camp Cottermouth, and the cost of the event is included in your Jamboree fee. In addition, there will be a distribution of ACT Contingent personal gear – one Contingent shirt, two Contingent badges, and a kit bag. If desired, you may purchase additional badges for $2 each, or an additional shirt for $25. These items may also be purchased at the Jamboree. If available in time we will also issue other Jamboree personal gear such as the Jamboree shirt, hat, water bottle, etc, otherwise these will be separately distributed.

- Jamboree Visitors Day is Saturday 9 January. This day is the only opportunity for families and other members of the public to visit the Jamboree, however visitors must be registered to have access.

o   There is a $5 per person fee, or $20 if a ‘show bag’ is included. Off site activities do not operate on this day meaning all Scouts will be onsite. Some onsite activities will be operating, Contingent HQs will be open for visitors and market day will be in operation, meaning some activities can be observed and there will be the opportunity to participate in some. If visiting please consider the weather especially if it is hot – bring a drink and appropriate clothing.

o    To register, the Jamboree application system must be used – – with the visitor day registration process an element of the page displayed once Register is selected on the home page. Note visitors can register individually or as a group (e.g. family, or CubScout pack). Also note Kama Scout is coordinating coaches to take people from the ACT and returning them late that same day – this is available to anyone not just Scouting members – a ScoutIT email was issued in recent days about this opportunity, see , then select Jamboree from the top row

o   Finally, Visitors day can be very busy including traffic arrangements – it is one road in and out, with limited parking, so please allow time to get onto and off the site.

- There is now not long to go to complete attendance requirements.

o    While many have already done so, it is timely to remind Scouts that the mandatory requirements need to be met – Pioneer level, and ten nights camping as a Scout including one camp of at least three nights. Scouts, their parents, and their Scout Leader have signed an application that this will be the case. In addition, consider what you need to take to the Jamboree, including that your uniform shirt fits and reflects up to date badges.

o    For leaders, ensure that you have a leader appointment, generally meaning your training is up to date. This includes ensuring you have completed the Child Safe and WHS e-learning modules, the Jamboree WHS module (available through the Jamboree applications system), and you have ensured you will have a current WWVP card for the duration of the Jamboree.

- There are a small number of people who have begun a Jamboree application, or who have completed an application and not yet made any payments. They will not have received this email, and we are liaising directly with them to clarify their attendance.

If you have any questions please visit , which has this and previous newsletters, and a range of other relevant information. You may also contact your Jamboree Troop Leader if part of a Jamboree troop, or myself on

Yours in Scouting
Peter Stevenson
ACT Contingent leader