AJ2016 – ACT Contingent Logo competition  




With AJ2016 now just over a year away, it is time the ACT Contingent had its own logo for the event. This email is about an opportunity for youth members to come up with a design that suits the ACT and will be on show to many others.


The logo may be used in a range of ways, on an ACT Contingent badge, on or as part of a T-shirt design, and for stationary, luggage, signage and other uses.


The details - 

  • The logo/design should link to one or more ACT related themes such as typical activities, landmarks, or flora or fauna. It might relate to mountain bike riding, the lake, Namadgi National Park, or Scouts in action;

  • It should be no more than four colours including a base colour;

  • It should be a relatively clean design to allow it to be used in a number of ways;

  • It can be provided as a scanned drawing, or as a more developed image;

  • The competition is open to all youth members of Scouts ACT, I.e. Joeys through Rovers;

  • The AJ2016 ACT Contingent reserves the right to adapt the winning or any other entry to create a final product suitable for production;

  • Upon lodgement the design will become the property of Scouts ACT; 

  • Entries are to sent to act.cl@aj2016.com.au and please make sure you include your name and contact details.

A prize related to the outdoors, e.g. A Trangia light weight stove, or an equivalent of similar value, will be awarded to the winning entry.


Entries should be submitted by 16 December 2014.


If you have any questions please contact me, and best of luck.


Peter Stevenson

ACT Contingent Leader



Recent Images of logos

The Template