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What is a Jamboree?
  • A Jamboree is a very large scout camp, running for about twelve days.  It is as big as some cities and this means it has many facilities you would find in such a large gathering, including entertainment, great activities on site and on off site day trips, shops, even suburbs known as sub camps.  It also has many things a large group of people need such as a fire service, hospitals, police, garbage services, radio and newspaper, and much more.

  • A Jamboree is a busy and exciting place – action all day plus some of the night.  It is important to get enough rest so you can enjoy it all

  • AJ2019 is an Australian National Jamboree, meaning there will be lots of Australians.  However, the Scouting world is invited and this means there will also be some hundreds of Scouts from around the world to make it even more interesting.

Contingent Information Page

 Information from the Application Form

When is it?
  • for ACT participants the Jamboree begins on the 4th January 2019 and concludes on the 14th January 2019. 

  • Some leaders move in earlier to make sure the Jamboree services and activities are ready for when the Scouts arrive.


Where is the Jamboree?
  • the Jamboree is being held at Tailem Bend in the South Austrailian Riverland

  • It is about 1hrs drive from ADELAIDE.

Who can attend?
  • A Jamboree is especially for the Scout section, but many others are welcome and encouraged to make it all happen.  This means there will be a lot of Scouts, many Scout Leaders, other Leaders, Venturers, Rovers, and other adults undertaking special roles.

  • All those attending need to be eligible, and this varies depending on who you are –

    • Scouts need to be a registered member of a Scout Troop, have not reached their 15th birthday by the time the Jamboree begins, have their Pioneer Level (big Red), and have camped out with Scout for ten nights, with three of those nights being consecutive

    • Venturers, at least 16 years of age and recommended for a Junior Service Leader role

    • Rovers

    • Leaders

    • Other Adults

  • All those over the age of 16 will need to have a current ACT Working with Vulnerable People card   

  • The details are also outlined as part of the application process details

  • All participants need to be a part of a State or Territory, or Country Contingent, and approved to attend by their Contingent Leader in addition to approval by their respective Leader.  


How do I apply?
  • The application process is done online.  Note there will be provision for those who are not able to apply online.

  • You enter various personal and Scouting details about yourself and some details about the event, and electronically include a passport style photo of yourself.  You then print the application form which will include the information you have entered, and use the printed copy to get relevant approval signatures.

  • The form is then provided to your Scout Leader or Group Leader depending on your Group’s arrangements.  Leaders not part of a Group will provide the forms to their relevant team leader.

  • A deposit is payable along with the application and is done electronically from with in the application form.

How do I get there?
  • The ACT Contingent will be traveling by coach, arriving mid morning 4th January 2019.  The return trip will see us back in Canberra around lunchtime on the 16th January 2019.

  • Some may wish to travel Independently.  Please note there are often Jamboree rules around parking, access to vehicles, and early and late arrivals. Individual circumstances will require some organisation in advance. 


How is the Jamboree organised?
  • A Jamboree is a large place with many people.

  • There will be a number of Sub Camps comprising many Jamboree Troops, plus Sub Camp.  The Jamboree troops will be comprised of Scouts from all over Australia and beyond.  Jamboree troops typically have 36 Scouts and 4-5 Leaders.

  • Each ACT Jamboree troop will be made from various ACT home troops to create a special Jamboree troop.  The Jamboree troop leadership, including Patrol Leaders, will then create 6 patrols of 6 Scouts.

  • Each Jamboree provides its own camping equipment eg tents, cooking gear, lights, BBQ, tables, etc, supplemented to some degree by specialist items from the ACT Contingent or the Jamboree eg water drum, esky, pantry blue box, gas bottles, etc.

  • Our ACT troops will be spread across the Sub Camps

  • Activity and Service Leaders reside in a separate sub camp, and Venturers and Rovers also each have their own sub camps. 


Tell me more about the activities
  • Activities are mostly undertaken by Patrols, especially those as part of the core activity program

  • On each activity day three patrols will be off site, and three patrols will be on site. One of the on site patrols will be the duty patrol for the day.

  • There will be a large range of on site activities with titles such as high ropes, BMX biking, challenge valley, circus, trades, and many more.

  • There will be a large range of off site activities with titles such as City activity day, water activities, and adventure day.  Off Site activities involve a bus trip.

  • The program is designed to allow each Scout the opportunity to be part of all elements of the activity program. The detail arrangements for the activity program are currently being developed.


What gear do I need?
  • If you are a Scout you do not need a tent but otherwise it is the usual items to keep you comfortable and safe for a long camp.  It means you need a sleeping bag and probably a stretcher, some changes of clothes, toiletries, protection from the weather including from rain or sun, plates etc, swimmers, etc.  You might add a book or cards for quieter times.

  • You will be provided with a Jamboree and ACT Contingent shirt, a Jamboree scarf and hat, a kit bag, etc.


What is the timeline for when things happen?
  • In October 2017 applications will open.  All ACT Contingent members should apply by 31 March 2018.  This allows many planning arrangements to begin to be settled including the making of Jamboree troops, transport, and ordering of personal equipment.

  • During the rest of 2017 it is good to learn more about Jamborees and this one in particular.  The Contingent would like to visit each troop to help share such information. 

How much does it cost?
  • the price for ACT Contingent members will be –

    • Scouts - $1675, all others $1210

  • These figures include the Jamboree fee payable by all attendees, and the ACT component for transport of people and equipment, personal issue items, equipment rental costs, Pre Jamboree camp for everyone, etc.

  • Payments can be spread throughout 2018 as per the application form details.  All participants must be fully paid up to be able to attend the event.     


Will I be with my friends?
  • if you mean your friends within your current scout troop then the answer is yes, you will be in the same Jamboree troop.  If you mean a friend you may have in another troop, then it may or may not happen.  If not, you will be able to catch up during the Jamboree.


Can people visit?
  • People can visit the Jamboree on Super Saturday – which is visitors day, future scout day, and market day. It is Saturday 12th January 2019. Note visitor parking maybe off site, with a shuttle bus operating to and from the Jamboree site.

  • All visitors must register to attend, prior to the event. While there will be no formal entrance fee, a donation will be requested.


What if I feel sick or hurt myself?
  • As a Jamboree is a long camp some things can happen along the way. 

  • One of your Jamboree troop leaders will be responsible for welfare and first aid, and they along with your other troop leaders will be keeping an eye on you and helping out.  They will also get used to you in the months leading up to the Jamboree.  If you need additional first aid there will be nearby first aid posts and if it is more serious there is an onsite medical centre. There will also be links to mainstream community health services.

  • Scouts can also look after themselves by having a daily shower, getting as much rest as they can, and eating and drinking well.  

  • The Contingent team will also be active in ACT Contingent welfare arrangements.


How do I get ready?
  • Enjoy your everyday scouting with your troop, and make steady progress with your badge work and nights camping to meet the eligibility standards.


What is the food like?
  • There will be a variety of food typical of that eaten at scout camps where good BBQ and hotplate facilities are available.  It will range from cereals and cooked breakfasts through to sandwiches, rolls, wraps and similar for lunch through to pasta, roasts, steak and desserts for dinner.  Fruit, drinks, and morning and afternoon teas are also catered for.

  • The duty patrol, on a rotating basis, will be cooking meals for the troop along with a duty leader supervising.


Are special needs catered for?
  • Yes, including people with various food, medical or physical requirements.

  • It does not mean you can be too fussy about the types of food e.g. not liking something.  But if for example you are a diabetic, then your needs will be provided for.


Can I contact home?
  • You can.  There will be some onsite phones, your Leaders can help out, and many of you may take a mobile. 

  • Note your Jamboree Troop Leader is likely to make special arrangements for the use of mobiles so they do not become a nuisance eg they may be locked away except for some time each evening.

  • Note Scout mobiles will not be able to be charged.

How much spending money do I need?
  • Most things are provided for, however you may like to treat yourself or buy a present along the way.  $100 should be plenty.  Your Jamboree troop will provide troop banking arrangements for your money.


I do not own enough clothes to last twelve days, what do you suggest?
  • You could buy more clothes but I am sure you will run out of room.  The best solution is to take 4-5 sets of clothes, and your troop will organise regular clothes washing to help everyone. 


I have a question that is not answered here
  • OK, please contact your Scout Leader, or the Contingent Leader by clicking on the answers button and we’ll answer it for you.  If it’s a question others might ask then it and the response can be added to these FAQ’s to help others.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Games


We discourage bringing Mobile phones and electronic games to a jamboree for three main reasons:

  1. There is very poor mobile phone coverage in the Jamboree Area'

  2. There is limited opportunity for recharging phones or games

  3. Security - because of the active nature of a jamboree and the close living conditions on the troop sites the potential for loss or damage is high..

Clothing and Footwear


A Jamboree is a harsh environment that involves heat, dirt and water. It is not an environemnt for a fashion statement. All clothing must be sun smart that means shirts with sleeves and colars and should be activity appropriate. All footwear must be enclosed and it is a good idea to have an old pair of sneakers  for those wet activities