For various reasons some families find the cost of their Scout attending a Jamboree to be significant, and in some cases prohibitive.


The ACT Branch has previously provided financial assistance to some Scouts to allow them to participate in the wonderful event that is a Jamboree. For AJ2019 the ACT Contingent will again be supporting some Scouts.


To apply for assistance, you can complete the application through the on-line form  or use the printable version just click the icon you prefer







                                          online                                      printable



The form is to be completed by the family, and supported by your Group Leader. Once completed the form can be scanned and emailed to or provided to the Branch Office marked to ACT Contingent, AJ2019. The application should be submitted by 30 April to allow consideration for the first round of assistance. It is possible there will be further assistance provided later, however that will depend on total funds. Regardless, 30 April is when applications should be in.


Further information is provided in the application form, however of note is - 

  • the number of Scouts supported, and the amount of support provided, will depend on the number of applications, their merit, and the amount of funds;

  • Not all the fee will be supported, Scouts and families are expected to make a contribution and assist with Group activities such as Jamboree fundraising;

  • No actual monies will be provided to the family or the Group, rather if support is provided the amount owed will be reduced;

  • Assistance is provided to Scout age youth members, rather than Leaders, Rovers, Venturers, or adults. This reflects a lower Jamboree fee for those who are not Scout age, and that some Leaders indirectly benefit if they receive support to youth members in their family. 

    • If others believe they require assistance, they may apply, noting a lower priority is likely.   

  • The information provided will be treated in confidence.

 If you have any questions after reviewing the application form, you may contact me.



Alan Murray

ACT Contingent Leader