Jamboree Security - 27 Nov 2015

The AJ2016 Executive continue to be in regular contact with our

emergency service providers in NSW. As an example we met with them at

the end of October and are meeting with them again this Friday.


The Jamboree site is fully fenced and will have a contracted security

company provide 24/7 security at the entry. In addition to this we

have internal dedicated foot patrols between 7am and 11pm with

contracted security providing internal patrols after 11pm.


During our communication thus far with NSW Police there has been no

recognised security threat to the Jamboree.


The on-site induction for leaders will include reference to what is

known as a WHITE LEVEL INSPECTION - this simply means that leaders

should be familiar with their 'Jamboree workplace e.g. their campsite,

their activity area etc, and look for items that are out of place or

have been tampered with. This type of inspection is in line with

standard NSW Government Department procedures during our current climate.


We have a full medical clinic on site who are supported by St John

Ambulance in the field. In addition to this we have a dedicated Rural

Fire Service crew on site 24/7.


Warren Goodall

State Commissioner Risk Management, Health & Safety Scouts Australia,

NSW Branch Director Support Services AJ2016