News Letter No 3



ACT AJ2016 update





This update provides you with a couple of items about the next Australian Jamboree - AJ2016, and the ACT Contingent. The Jamboree runs from 3 - 14 January 2016.




Importantly, you may now apply to attend AJ2016. After a quick online registration process an application is completed online, then printed for appropriate signatures and submission, which for most people will be through their Scout Group. An ACT Contingent Information sheet is available during the application process and prints as part of the completed application form – the information sheet also lists pricing and payment dates. Note the application form can be completed over a period of time. Note also payments need only be made as they are due, using the payments facility, and not necessarily when the application is completed.


The best way to apply is to go to the following link –!page4/cfvg – it has links to both the application system and the ACT payments gateway. An application and deposit are required by the end of March 2015, with some ACT applications already completed.


Troop visits


Jamboree promotion visits to troops are in full swing, and we have many bookings for fourth term. Thanks to troops who have made contact. For others, we have a number of people who can run a session tailored to your troops needs, and it would be good to have visited each troop by the end of the year. It also helps with one of your troop night programs.      


Thank you to those who have made contact about various items, and please contact me for any questions.


The best online links are the ACT Contingent site and links – which also contains previously distributed information and Frequently Answered Questions; the ACT Contingent AJ2016 Facebook page, or an email to 


Yours in Scouting,

Peter Stevenson


ACT Contingent Leader