News Letter No 5



This email is about AJ2016, in particular ACT Contingent arrangements as we prepare for this exciting event. The ACT Contingent team has commenced much of the planning with a current focus on finalising applications. While eight months seems quite a long time away, there is plenty to do to be ready, and some items now need to be settled.

The interest in the ACT has been wonderful. Thank you to the many people in Canberra who are thinking about and preparing for AJ2016. More than 420 people have at least begun an application to attend, and more than 80% have completed and printed their application. 

What needs to be done, now:

  • If you are attending the event and are yet to apply, this should be done now.

  • If you are attending the event and have not yet completed your application, this should be done now.

  • If you are attending the event, have applied, and are yet to pay the deposit, this needs to be done now.


  • Thank you to the many people who have both applied and paid the deposit. However, we know of people who are intending to apply who have not done so, and there are many who have not yet paid the deposit.


  • People can apply or pay later to attend AJ2016, however it makes various practical arrangements harder to organise, and some expectations may not be able to be satisfied, e.g. a leader’s role preference, a Scouts preferred Jamboree troop. From June there is also an application late fee.


  • If you are planning to seek financial support in addition to what may be provided within your Scout formation, then this needs to be done very soon. My earlier email of 15 March has the details as does 


A number of Groups and Scout Leaders have taken advantage of the earlier offer to be provided with details of who in their group has applied and the status of those applications. If you have not done so and would like to know, or you wish a more up to date version, please contact me on


 Groups and Scout Leaders may also find it useful to know who within their group has paid the deposit. We are able to provide this for a troop or group by contacting Craig Robilliard at

 What is happening, soon:

  • Consideration has begun for Jamboree troop leadership teams and composition, and this is another reason applying and the payment of the deposit needs to be settled.

  • Contingent team membership is almost settled, and some other leaders and other adults are now assigned to Jamboree roles. 

  • A range of logistic arrangements are being settled.


For Scout troops, continue your good preparations to ensure all attending Scouts are qualified by the beginning of the Jamboree. In reality this means by the month or two leading up to the Jamboree, to ensure Leaders are satisfied Scouts are ready to attend, have the required nights under canvas and badgework and are able to fully enjoy and achieve.

 If you have any questions, please contact me  Peter Stevenson at


Peter Stevenson

Contingent Leader