News Letter No  6  29/6/2015


Welcome to the ACT Contingent to AJ2016 – the next Australian Scout Jamboree being held early in 2016 at Cataract Scout Park on the edge of Sydney.

You are receiving this email because your application has been accepted. Thank you very much for submitting an application and making a deposit payment. You join over 450 others signed up from the ACT for a wonderful event that is a Jamboree. Our great ACT numbers include Scouts, Leaders, Venturers, Rovers, and some other adults helping with the event. The ACT will be joining many others from around Australia at the Jamboree, and also Scouts from other places around the world.

In recent months the Jamboree and the ACT Contingent have been getting many things organised, including Jamboree activities, travel and equipment arrangements, budgets, camping arrangements, spreading the word about what a Jamboree is and how to prepare, and setting up as much as possible to ensure the Jamboree is as good as it can be for so many young people.

In the past week the ACT Contingent Jamboree troops have been established, including hosting arrangements for New Zealand, Norway, and Boy Scouts of America. It is a challenging exercise to balance numbers, experience, qualifications, gender, age, special needs, and preferences, however we now have 11 very capable Jamboree troops. If you are in a Jamboree troop you can expect to hear from your Jamboree Troop Leader in the next few weeks, and they are soon to meet regularly with the Contingent team for more detailed planning and preparations. Some other participants have already been assigned to a specific Jamboree role, while others will be assisting the Jamboree according to their preferences and where their assistance can be of most benefit, for example in delivering the activity program.

Scouts should continue to ensure they are getting qualified to attend, and Leaders equally need to complete their training requirements, where required. All those over 16 will also need to have a WWVP card that is current during the Jamboree.

A small number of dates are worth keeping in mind –
- 31 July - the second payment is due. You will soon receive a statement of payments to date, and a reminder;
- Sunday 16 August – all Leaders day, including Venturers and Rovers.
- Friday (evening) to Sunday 13-15 November – Pre Jamboree camp, for all ACT participants.

While much remains to do to be ready for the 3rd of January, we are well on the way.

If you have any questions you may contact me on

Best wishes,
Peter Stevenson
ACT Contingent Leader