Newsletter No 8





The Jamboree is now less than 80 days away, and an information update is appropriate. It is exciting it is getting so close, and many are busy around Australia to make it happen.

All ACT Contingent leaders met a few weeks ago, ACT potential Jamboree patrol leaders met on Sunday, and arrangements are well underway for the Pre Jamboree camp for all ACT Contingent members, to be held on the weekend of 13-15 November.

Pre Jamboree camp

At the PreJ camp a range of Jamboree style arrangements will be in place, with
- activity and service leaders assisting with logistics, personal gear issue to all, and the activity program;
- troops will be refining their camping and people arrangements; and
- the Contingent team will be handling broader equipment needs and supporting activity and welfare arrangements.

If you have any questions and you are part of a Jamboree troop please contact your Jamboree troop leader; if you have any questions and you are an activity or service leader, or Rover or Venturer, please contact Alan Murray on

The personal gear issue at PreJ is expected to be the ACT Contingent bag, the Contingent T-shirt, and two Contingent badges. In the middle of Sunday additional badges may be purchased for $2 each, and additional Contingent t-shirts for $25 each. These items may also be purchased later, including during the Jamboree. If available we will also be issuing other Jamboree issue personal items, e.g. the Jamboree shirt, hat, etc.

Departure and return arrangements

The ACT Contingent will be gathering at 7am on Sunday 3 January, and leaving for the Jamboree shortly after. Don’t be late as the buses will not wait, as we have a fixed arrival slot at the Jamboree.
The ACT Contingent will be returning to the ACT at approximately 1.30pm on Thursday 14 January.

The location for departure and return is being finalised.

Further details and reminders will be provided.

Visitors Day (also known as Super Saturday)

Saturday 9 January is Super Saturday, or Visitors Day. It is the only day the Jamboree is open to visitors, including families. All visitors must be registered using the Jamboree applications system, with the visitor registration facility to soon be made available. There will be an individual and group registrations (see coach offer below). The cost of entry is $5, or $20 if a ‘show bag’ is desired – it is to contain a polar fleece blanket, badges, tickets, and similar.

Note the Jamboree on visitors’ day will be a very busy place including car parking arrangements so please allow some additional time if you are travelling by private vehicle. The alternative is to catch a coach to and from the Jamboree from the ACT, which is being organised through Kama Scout Group with others welcome to join. The will be an additional fee to cover the costs of the coach trip. Details of the coach arrangement will be released when the registration process is made available.


Thank you to those who have now made all the required payments, with the last payment due 15 October. We also know of a number of agreed payment plans, and thank you if they remain on track.
The Contingent expenses are increasing as commitments are finalised, meaning outstanding payments now need to be made. If there are difficulties preventing this occurring promptly, please contact Rob Fredericksen at

Leaders and those over 16 years of age.

All ACT Contingent members who are leaders, or anyone else over 16 years of age, must have an ACT Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card, current for the duration of the Jamboree. A number of people required to have a WWVP card will have their card expire in the weeks ahead given the scheme has been in place now for three years, so if required please ensure your renewal has been done.

All Jamboree leaders, or adult helpers, must complete the online Jamboree WHS module before coming onto the Jamboree site. The module is available once you sign into the Jamboree application system (the system used to create your Jamboree application).

Finally, all Leaders and adult helpers must ensure they are financial members of Scouts ACT, have been appointed (or be members if an adult helper), and have completed the e-learning modules in relation to Child Safe, and WHS.

Medical details

Please ensure your medical details are up to date in the Jamboree application system, and that you have discussed any specific items or concerns with your Jamboree troop leader or welfare leader, or your team leader or the Contingent Welfare team in the case of those performing other roles. As appropriate, any medical practitioner issued management plans need to be current and available.

Ambulance and personal equipment insurance cover

It is wise to check your ambulance cover arrangements. Most private health insurance schemes provide the cover, and ambulance cover can also be taken out independently. If you are not covered by ambulance cover and an ambulance is required, a large bill can result.

In addition, you may consider whether your personal gear requires insurance cover for the Jamboree. Some will already have such policies, while some may consider it not necessary given the value involved. However, something to consider.


You have received this email if you have completed a Jamboree application form and it has been formally accepted (meaning payment has also been made). The email address used is as per your Jamboree application details.

A range of other information and previous updates are also at

For any other questions, please contact
Yours in Scouting

Peter Stevenson
ACT Contingent Leader