Scouts                                     Venturers                                            Adults/Rovers

Jamboree Fee                                    $1085                                         $645                                                    $645

Contingent Fee                                     $295                                         $295                                                    $295

TOTAL                                                   $1380                                         $940                                                    $940


Applications created after 30/6/2015 will attract a $50 excess fee.

Scout Applications received after 30/8/2015 cannot be guaranteed attendance in the Jamboree troop of their choice. Others making late applications may not be able to undertake their preferred role.





Payments should be made according to the schedule below. However, flexible payment options will be supported upon request to the Contingent Leader.  Email the                                           for further information.



                                                              Scouts                                      Venturers                                            Adults/Rovers


First Payment due by 31/03/2015           $495                                          $320                                                    $320

Second Payment due by 31/07/2015      $490                                          $340                                                    $340

Third Payment due by 15/10/2015          $395                                          $280                                                    $280





If after making application, you are unable to attend the Jamboree, you must advise the ACT Contingent in writing as soon as possible.  The following penalties will apply:


Notification of withdrawal received at

Contingent Headquarters                                         Withdrawal Fee Without Substitute                      Withdrawal Fee With Substitute

On or before 30/04/2015                                                               $0.00                                                                   $0.00

1/05/2015 to 31/08/2015                                                               $100                                                                     $0.00

1/09/2015 to 31/10/2015                                                               $250                                                                     $100

On or after 1/11/2015                                                                    No refund                                                              $250


The Contingent will manage substitutes to the best advantage of a late applicant and those who may withdraw. Late applicants must meet all requirements for attendance. Substitutes must be of the same class of applicant, e.g. Scout for Scout, or Leader for Leader.