AJ2019 ACT Contingent

Troop 10 Site c214


The Leaders:



Tamzin Pulsford  (Troop Leader)


Liam McGrath               (Finance)           

Chris Brice          


Rachael Dawes               


Ned Stolz






Home Troops 




Mt Taylor

MT Rogers











                             0407 280 640







How much do I need?
  • Most things are provided for, however you may like to treat yourself or buy a present along the way.  $100 should be plenty. 


  • Money kept in wallets and personal bags can easily get misplaced or just lost. The easiest way to handle pocket money is to bank it in the troop account. The Troop treasurer will keep a record book with a running  tally and a signature is required each time there is a withdrawal. Scouts tell the Treasurer how much they think they will need for the next day and they will get it that evening or the next morning. 

Bank pocket money by EFT to the Troop Account

  1. BSB  032-636 Acc No 286733(don't forget to identify the deposit with the surname,Jamboree ID number and PM, plus the amount)



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